IMAGE Study: An integrated community randomised trial of a structural intervention to prevent HIV and gender-based violence in South Africa

Substantial resources have been mobilised for research and programme development in efforts to combat HIV/AIDS in Africa. In the absence of an effective vaccine the main method of HIV prevention is behavioural change. Despite this, there have been few controlled studies on interventions that aim to change sexual behaviour in African contexts. READ MORE

IMAGE Study: Evaluation Monograph No 1.

This programme of research is a collaboration between the Rural AIDS & De velopment Action Research Programme of the School of Public Health , University of the Witwatersrand, and the Small Enterprise Foundation . It brings together three years of planning, alongside the patient and generous contributions of many. Academic support from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine has been critical to strengthen the scientific rigour of the work, and connect a small research team to the outside world. Input and support from South African-based colleagues and friends has also provided much in the way of richness, relevance and perspective. READ MORE

IMAGE Study: Evaluation Monograph No 2: Intervention

The pilot aims to assess the ability of households and communities involved with microfinance programmes to cope with the effects of HIV/AIDS, as well as their ability to avoid the disease. READ MORE

Sister For Life (SFL) Curriculum 

The Sisters for Life (SFL) Gender and HIV training course was developed by RADAR (Rural AIDS and Development Action Research), in conjunction with SEF (Small Enterprise Foundation), as part of the IMAGE study (Intervention with Micro finance for AIDS and Gender Equity).

a)      Sisters For Life (SFL) Phase 1: Gender and HIV /AIDS training curriculum

b)      Natural Leaders (NL) Training curriculum

c)      Sisters For Life (SFL) Phase 2: Community Mobilisation Training curriculum